Caregiving Isn't Always Easy, We Can Help

Often the job of acting as primary caregiver for a loved one or friend can become overwhelming. Our caregiver support will help you deal with the physical and emotional demands of caregiving, and teach you how to care for yourself.

Our purpose is to provide an informal group dedicated to all caregivers of people in need including the elderly, the acutely ill, and those with chronic physical and mental disabilities.

We want to provide you with opportunities for:

  • Networking
  • Support & Mentoring
  • Emergency Respite Care
  • Resources
  • Education

As a caregiver you may be a:

  • Family Member
  • Friend Offering Care
  • Professional Caregiver

We believe that the caregiver provides compassionate care to the best of their ability utilizing the resources available to them. We also believe that in order to provide better care to another individual, the caregiver’s needs must also be met including their emotional and psychophysical well-being. It is our desire to help meet those needs.

Due to lack of consistent participation, the Caregiver Support Group will be held only when there is sufficient interest from members of the community (generally 4 or more people).