General FAQ's

Who may need home health care services?

Home care encompasses a broad range of professional health care and support services provided primarily in peoples’ homes. Individuals who are suffering from or recovering from an illness, surgery, or accident may need these services, as well as some persons with chronic disabilities or terminal illness.

Do I have to be elderly, or have Medicare to qualify for services?

No! We serve persons from birth through their lifespan as necessary, and many private insurances cover our services with a physician’s order. Persons may choose to pay privately for extra support services to remain in their home. Our focus is to help patients achieve their goals of maintaining independence in their home.

Doesn’t a person need to be confined to their home or their bed to qualify?

Not at all. People of all ages can receive home health care services. Lake Sunapee Region VNA & Hospice provides care from birth to end-of life!

Will my insurance cover home care?

Home health care is covered by Medicare and Medicaid. Private insurance coverage varies from policy to policy, so check with your insurer to verify your home health care benefit.

I thought hospice was only for people who were near death?

Hospice is actually most helpful when initiated as early as possible. In fact, we hear from our patients and families again and again, “I wish I’d done this sooner.” We strive to provide benefits to combat symptoms and stresses at the end of ones’ disease progression to help patients and families maintain dignity and the best quality of life possible. The length of time a person remains on service is dependent upon their needs and eligibility.

Can I receive hospice care if I live in a nursing home?

Absolutely. Hospice is a benefit to you which covers many medications related to your diagnosis, necessary equipment, an interdisciplinary team of professionals to support your care, and volunteers if needed. Hospice does not cover room and board, however, so you’ll need to check with the nursing home administrator or social worker for those out-of-pocket costs.

Can I choose which agency provides Home Care or Hospice Services?

Yes! It is vitally important that you speak up to your discharge planner, physician or care manager and let them know which home care agency you prefer. It is your patient right to do so.

I have Long Term Care Insurance. Won’t that cover private nursing and supportive services?

Many policies do cover these services. Some have exclusionary periods or other rules that you’ll want to call your company to check into to be sure you obtain the best of what you’re covered for.

Lake Sunapee VNA and Valley Regional Hospital Partnership FAQ's

Why did Valley Regional Hospital (VRH) make the decision to transition its home care and hospice program to LSRVNA?

This significant decision was made thoughtfully and with the best interests of the community as the top priority. With continued cuts in Medicare funding, increasing costs and ongoing consolidation of health care in our region, larger organizations can find efficiencies that smaller organizations cannot. Lake Sunapee Region VNA & Hospice (LSRVNA), providing home care and hospice since 1970, is highly regarded and knows the home care business with its ever-increasing stringent regulations. VRH, always with the needs of its community guiding strategic decisions such as this, will continue to operate an excellent community based healthcare system. We chose LSRVNA because of their knowledge and expertise, but also because their culture and philosophy of care are so similar to that of CVHC.

Is VRH closing?

Definitely not - quite the opposite! VRH is focusing on its primary area of expertise - operating the hospital and affiliated practices efficiently, with high quality, and in response to community need. Its goal is to remain an enduring presence in Claremont and throughout the Sullivan County. What it is doing is transitioning patients currently served by CVHC to the excellent care of LSRVNA.

Why did LSRVNA accept the offer to absorb the home care and hospice programs from VRH?

Access to and continuity of care to current and future patients is the top priority for both organizations. LSRVNA believes that by absorbing CVHC patients it will actually become stronger because it becomes a larger agency and, as a result, can spread costs and overhead over a greater population and market share. LSRVNA knows the home care and hospice business and is well-equipped to provide excellent care for patients throughout the region. CVHC also provides LSRVNA with additional talented staff and brand recognition in an important market.

Is this a merger between CVHC and LSRVNA?

No. CVHC is not a stand-alone organization but rather a department of VRH. As such, this is not an asset merger. What is happening is that VRH is closing its home care and hospice department and LSRVNA is assuming care of current CVHC patients as well as future patients in the greater Claremont region.

Will there be job consolidation or cuts at LSRVNA?

No. In fact we will be adding staff to accommodate the growth of LSRVNA as we acquire CVHC patients and clients. We further anticipate that, as LSRVNA becomes larger, there will be more opportunity for professional growth for all staff.

What will happen to CVHC staff?

More than 90% of CVHC staff were offered positions at LSRVNA because of the growth in volume and the subsequent need for qualified, experienced home care professionals.

Does this decision jeopardize the financial strength of LSRVNA?

No. In fact, with increased market share and patient census, LSRVNA can spread its costs over a larger volume thereby strengthening its financial position. This growth will also allow us to serve more patients in the future and build stronger relationships with providers and organizations in Sullivan County, which has been a core part of our service area.

What phone number should be used for issues related to home care and hospice services?

The CVHC phone number (603-543- 6800) and FAX number (603-863- 8383) will remain in service. The LSRVNA phone number (603-526- 4077) and FAX number (603-526- 4272) may be used as well.

Will the CVHC name continue to be used?

Yes. Because Connecticut Valley Home Care is a long standing and well-respected home care and hospice provider that carries with it strong name recognition and an excellent reputation, it is important to keep the CVHC name visible for a period of time. Doing so also provides an opportunity to continually remind the community about this change.

Will LSRVNA have an office in Newport?

No. LSRVNA will not retain a permanent office in Newport, but will have a drop-station for staff assigned to this region so that they have access to a phone, fax, Wi-Fi (to retrieve data from laptops) and to pick up supplies as needed.

Will CVHC patients have the same services and care providers in their home?

Yes. The goal is for all CVHC patients to experience no interruption in services during this transition. In many cases, patients will have the same caregivers coming to their homes. Having LSRVNA assume care of CVHC patients is largely an administrative change which should be seamless for patients.

Will CVHC patients be able to keep their current doctors?

Yes. There should be no reason for patients to need to change primary care physicians.

Will CVHC patients’ health insurance still be accepted?

Yes. LSRVNA accepts Medicare, Medicaid and most commercial insurances.

If I have supported CVHC in the past with donations, how will this work now?

Donors may continue to support the vital work and mission of VRH, a non-profit community hospital. Donors specifically wishing to help sustain home care and hospice services for residents of this region can direct their charitable donations to LSRVNA in the future. As with all philanthropy, gifts are the very personal choice of each individual.

What will happen to the CVHC Day Out Program?

This program will remain in operation as is at its current location in the CVHC building in Newport.

Will current CVHC community blood pressure clinics and support groups continue?

Yes, these programs will remain available until further notice.

How will the current CVHC building in Newport be used moving forward?

LSRVNA will lease a limited amount of office space in the CVHC building while it renovates its New London office to accommodate the additional staff.

What is the referral process moving forward?

Referrals can continue to be sent to the CVHC FAX number (603-863- 8383) or phone number (603-543- 6800), and will then be forwarded automatically to LSRVNA. Referrals may also be sent directly to LSRVNA: FAX (603-526- 4272); phone (603-526- 4077). When calling LSRVNA please ask for “Care Support”.

Will any CVHC services be changed or discontinued?

No. The home care, hospice, grants and day out programs that have been offered to the greater Claremont community will remain available.