General FAQ's

Who may need home health care services?

Home care encompasses a broad range of professional health care and support services provided primarily in peoples’ homes. Individuals who are suffering from or recovering from an illness, surgery, or accident may need these services, as well as some persons with chronic disabilities or terminal illness.

Do I have to be elderly, or have Medicare to qualify for services?

No! We serve persons from birth through their lifespan as necessary, and many private insurances cover our services with a physician’s order. Persons may choose to pay privately for extra support services to remain in their home. Our focus is to help patients achieve their goals of maintaining independence in their home.

Doesn’t a person need to be confined to their home or their bed to qualify?

Not at all. People of all ages can receive home health care services. Lake Sunapee Region VNA & Hospice provides care from birth to end-of life!

Will my insurance cover home care?

Home health care is covered by Medicare and Medicaid. Private insurance coverage varies from policy to policy, so check with your insurer to verify your home health care benefit.

I thought hospice was only for people who were near death?

Hospice is actually most helpful when initiated as early as possible. In fact, we hear from our patients and families again and again, “I wish I’d done this sooner.” We strive to provide benefits to combat symptoms and stresses at the end of ones’ disease progression to help patients and families maintain dignity and the best quality of life possible. The length of time a person remains on service is dependent upon their needs and eligibility.

Can I receive hospice care if I live in a nursing home?

Absolutely. Hospice is a benefit to you which covers many medications related to your diagnosis, necessary equipment, an interdisciplinary team of professionals to support your care, and volunteers if needed. Hospice does not cover room and board, however, so you’ll need to check with the nursing home administrator or social worker for those out-of-pocket costs.

Can I choose which agency provides Home Care or Hospice Services?

Yes! It is vitally important that you speak up to your discharge planner, physician or care manager and let them know which home care agency you prefer. It is your patient right to do so.

I have Long Term Care Insurance. Won’t that cover private nursing and supportive services?

Many policies do cover these services. Some have exclusionary periods or other rules that you’ll want to call your company to check into to be sure you obtain the best of what you’re covered for.