Helping You Navigate Chronic or Serious Illness

Palliative Care is comprehensive treatment of the discomfort, symptoms and stress of a serious illness. It does not replace primary treatment, and can work together with other treatments to ease pain or other discomfort and allow you to better live your life.


Our Palliative Care Program:

  • Focuses on the conversations and navigation of chronic or serious illness
  • Can be provided in any setting
  • Does not replace your primary care or any other treatment you may be receiving
  • Can be utilized as a stand-alone service or work with other treatments and services to improve your quality of life


Our palliative care coordinator—a registered nurse—is trained to facilitate conversations about health care choices and goals and to assess you for any distressing symptoms. Our coordinator can:

  • Reinforce your understanding of your illness and treatment options
  • Work with you on a plan of care focused on symptom management and personal goals
  • Talk with you about advance directives and other legal documents that state your preferences about medical care
  • Provide ongoing communication and coordination among everyone involved in your care