Time of Remembrance Video

Again this year, our annual Time of Remembrance comes in the form of a video, rather than an event, to remember and honor the lives of individuals in our hospice program and community who have died over the past year. Members of our hospice team and community have worked together to record readings, thoughts, art and music to bring comfort and honor the memories of those we love and are missing.

Time of Remembrance Video

 ~ Hospice Lights ~ 

As part of Hospice Month 2021, we have slowly illuminated the lights on the front of the Lake Sunapee VNA building at 107 Newport Road in New London to reflect the growing support for hospice care and as a symbol of the bright light of every life. They are now fully illuminated! Enjoy the glow…and please consider making a donation to the LSRVNA Hospice Program…providing compassion, dignity and meaning in every moment. To make a donation, go to Donate or contact Cathy Raymond at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 603-526-4077 x231.

Building Hospice Lights 4

Hospice Reflections

Dr. Jack Kirk

“Caring, capable, compassionate...these are the words that describe the work of the hospice team. What a blessing for our patients and families to have the members of this team...the nurses, social workers, therapists, home care aides, spiritual counselors and volunteers...travelling along with them on an end-of-life journey that, in fact, extends beyond death to a bereavement process to help loved ones in their ongoing experience of grieving. It has been a great privilege for me to have been a part of this team for so many years.”

Jack Kirk, MD

Grace Rapetti Playing Guitar

“Music therapy allows me to meet our patients exactly where they are with the music they most enjoy. Even at end-of-life, there is a wellness that can be reached and celebrated in each of us, and I am honored to witness this every day in the work I do as part of the hospice team.”

Grace Rapetti, MT-BC

Michelle Nichols LNA

“It’s a true privilege to be a part of the hospice team. I feel it’s a very intimate moment, with not just the client, but also the family. Each family that I have interacted with has touched my heart in some way. They say we bring light to them; they also bring light to me in so many ways.”

Michelle Nichols, LNA, HHA

Steve and Loa Winter

Steve and Loa Winter moved to New Hampshire from California in the late 1970’s and were instrumental in the introduction of hospice care to Lake Sunapee VNA and the region. We invite you to enjoy their reflections as they share this history about our hospice program.


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