Many community members have come to rely on Lake Sunapee VNA for its regular Foot Care Clinics and annual Flu Clinics held throughout the area. Though the pandemic has created challenges to operating these clinics, things are looking up.

Foot Clinics, all of which were closed down in March, are slowly beginning to re-open with appointments now available at COA Chapin Senior Center (call 526-6368) and Claremont Senior Center (call 526-4077). “Many of the other senior centers and community buildings where we provide clinics haven’t opened back up yet, so as they re-open, we’ll continue to do more foot care as long as it can be provided in a safe environment for both our clients and staff,” says Jim Culhane, President & CEO.

Lake Sunapee VNA does plan to offer Flu Clinics this year, but there will be fewer than usual, and they may look quite different. “We are working hard to identify locations that will provide a good, safe flow for people and possibly even drive-thru service,” says Culhane. “We anticipate starting the Flu Clinics in late September this year and will publicize the dates and locations as soon as our plans are finalized.”

For current clinic dates and information, visit